June 21st, 2016 the Agricultural University of Tirana and Gateway Albania signed an Agreement of Cooperation while a special event on the campus of the university. Prof. Dr. Bari Musabelliu as rector of the university and Mrs Bertila Kola as Executive Director of Gateway Albania signed this agreement in front of a full occupied hall of the university. This agreement is the base for the university to have a professional partner on their side to establish efficient working groups and so named Think Tanks to connect the knowledge of the university with the possibilities of the economy. These working groups and think tanks are focussed on subsidies for reserach, information management for agricultural business and acquisition of business partners for needs of the university. One mostly interesting and important point of this coopearation agreement is, that Gateway Albania connected the university to an investment group from abroad, which is offering a cooperation with a german university, offering the cooperation by establishing two pilot projects to produce microalgues and offering the exchange of professors and students from this Albanian university to study in Germany.

Now it is the opportunity of the university to give this agreement life and to fulfill the offers, before it will go to another university into another country. Be curious.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. During one week each November, Network GEN inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Since 2010, the Global Entrepreneurship Week Germany is hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. With launching the so-called “Gründerwoche Deutschland” (Startup Week Germany), the Ministry wants to create a nationwide network in order to promote the entrepreneurial spirit all over Germany. Therefore, the Ministries of Economy in all 16 states in Germany as well as many business umbrella associations are involved in this campaign.

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We are glad and a bit proud to publish, that the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Agricultural University of Tirana and the Albanian Food Industry (AFI) closed a long-term contract of cooperation with our NGO Gateway Albania at April 18th, 2016.
One important point of this contract is to push, to establish and to promote farmer associations based on european successful models and also to design development programs. AFI will be responsible for the adaption of monitoring development programs in context with the livestock markets. See in this context the Food Safety Project of our member Demeter Development Sh.p.k. Gateway Albania as Non-governmental Organization will be in additional responsible for the technology transfer from the European Union to Albania. In additional content of the cooperation is to train farmers and stakeholders and, of course, to try to establish a functional processing industry and to support the export of Albanian goods.
This symbiose of knowledge, contacts and international economy is needed in Albania and we will realize a lot of advantages for the faculty, the students, the economy and our members. NGO Gateway Albania: Advocacy for Albanian Exporters. Unadjusted. Independent. Join us.

Normally Business Angels are high net worth individuals in contrary to Venture Capital Companies, which has only the business purpose to invest and to exit after few years. The investment companies of Angels Association Global and their Albanian daughter network Angels Association Albania -all members and partners of Gateway Albania- is a mixture of both and they are informing us here: Investing into each phase of the business as like early stage, risky situations or expansion, but as a long-term partnership and a direct personal connection as consultant and coach inside the common company. The normal quote of failing by investment is 1:10 - means, from ten investments six will die into the first six months, three will be alive but nobody knows, why and only one investment will be alive more than three years and making all partners glad - but also this single company must earn enough money to compensate the other nine failed investments. And thats the problem.

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Our member Angels Association Global has a lot of experience as Venture Capital Company in several countries and informed about: One reason of the expansion of the group worldwide was and still is to cooperate, to set up joint ventures and to finance young companies or entrepreneurs entering the sea of sharks, named StartUp-Market. To do the right decisions of investment one important step was to expand the wide range of consulting services of several companies of the group and to have special interest companies to consult startup companies and later, after the first investment in that new company to take care of the owner and our investment to educate them, to train them and to be on his or her side. We were one of the first so-called Business Angels and doing that business in several countries until today.

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Our member EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG published an Unsolicited Proposal on the way to realize one of the biggest projects, the north of Albania will see:

At April 04th, 2016 we made a so named "Unsolicited Proposal" to the Municipality of Lezhë in the north of Albania following the Albanian law to take over land and to cooperate with the government or their authorities. This Unsolicited Proposal will be checked from the Municipality and than to be given to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment to start the negotiations about a public-private contract. Each step we will publish here and in a lot of other public sides following the International Regulates of Transparency to be protected against corruption and business spying.

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Whats about the membership fee, you will ask? We have a good news for you: Our founders made a donation to our NGO Non-governmental Organization which allows us to accept not less than 100 (!) new memberships as "Junior Member" and you will be able to join one of these free memberships, if you apply the next time for a membership using the application form.

The membership fee of € 21,00 per month is paid for you for one year. So you can join us sponsored by the donation without any commitments for you and if you see, that the membership is usefull for you - you can decide to be our member also into the following years. Thats a deal, isn't it? And of course you can decide withon this first year to upgrade to become a "Senior Partner" with additional advantages. Its your choice, you are free to decide everytime. A short email is enough to inform us about your decision. But anyway: At the beginning you are free of charge for twelve months. Join us and try!

Gateway Albania has been given a many months prepared large-scale project to a founder of Gateway Albania, the Demeter Development Sh.p.k. This project concerns especially the export sector - it will ensure that Albanian companies fully able to export food to the EU and the US and the illegal import is turned off goods. Demeter Development submitted on January 19th, 2016 to the Ministry of Economy called an Unsolicited Proposal, entitled "National Agriculture and Food Industry Quality Management System (NAF)" to implement a project with the objective of food safety in Albania and creating new export opportunities .

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