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Gateway Albania | Advocacy for Albanian Exporters - Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Gateway Albania is simple. We want to optimize the means of production. We want to improve the quality of products. We want to increase the volume of exports. For this we are going to unite the Albanian exporters and to give them through us a loud voice. Gateway Albania will export the lobby of more than 20,000 companies and sole proprietorships, which are exporting goods or services, or such which are connected in some other way with the export business. We want to ensure, through the mediation of investors and partnerships that Albanian companies come back to the capital to perform strongly on the necessary investments in modern production.

We want to ensure, through the mediation of tested consultants and certification bodies that also Albanian exporters produce products that are internationally certified. We want that Albanian companies to introduce quality management systems in order to produce high quality goods. We want Albania resources are used to be recognized Albanian products. This means that we are supporting Albanian exporters about to produce finished products in Albania and not only to export raw materials. Albanian resources must be products from Albania. The regional value of the export must take place in Albania, so that the Albanian economy creates jobs, expands and becomes profitable.

To achieve this, we founded the NGO Gateway Albania and unite Albanian exporters to a vociferous advocacy. We have nationally and internationally excellent and extensive connections, we provide the Albanian exporters available. Therefore we offer individual discussions to lead in the regions Roundtable Meetings by and regularly organize Club Chimney Talks with political and business leaders. We are the lobby of Albanian exports and lead business partner. In addition, we provide in addition to a professionally organized public relation numerous assistance available, such as management consultancy, exhibition preparations, international brokerage events, up to the establishment of contacts with investors and potential partners.

It is time that the most important economic sector in Albania is replaced by a united voice. For this we informe our members extensively and individually on current situations, learn from the practice of the needs and necessities of our members. This knowledge we carry with the power of the crowd to the policy makers, in the public or just to certain people to enter into cooperation. As NGO Non-governmental Organization, we are in our work not economically active, but to cover costs and are political directions neutral to critical while our commitment to the export economy of Albania is totally dedicated.

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